CanDock Jet Ski Systems for Docks

With Praklet’s Piers and Lifts LLC, customers can find the CanDock JetSlide and JetRoll jet ski systems for their waterfront. Both systems provide many of the same advantages that a lift can, by giving you a simple way to get your PWC in and out of the water, but without the need of any mechanical components.

Over time, wires, winches, and more can face general wear and tear and need o be replaced. But the JetSlide and JetRoll can become part of your dock system with CanDock to ensure you protect the lifespan of your jet ski without the need for extra equipment. Praklet’s Piers and Lifts carries both these options alongside CanDock’s floating dock system so jet ski owners can find everything they need to get a complete shoreline experience.

  • No mechanical components that wear out with time
  • Easy to implement into CanDock’s floating dock system
  • Lightweight and resistant to impact

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