Sectional Docks from ShoreStation

Praklet’s Piers and Lifts LLC offers professionally made sectional docks from ShoreStation that give your waterfront versatility where it is needed. The easy-to-manage design allows you to change your dock layout each year how you need, and it also allows for a simple way to add new sections or accessories whenever you want, improving the functionality of your dock. No matter what arrangement you choose for your dock, ShoreStation products add an appealing look to your waterfront that you will be pleased with.

With non-skid planking that stays cool all year-round, ShoreStation section docks also provide safety and comfort on the water that you might not get with other dock brands. This makes it the perfect option for waterfronts that see plenty of activity in the water on those hot summer days where you want nothing more than to get in the water.

Benefits of ShoreStation

With decades of experience in providing owners of waterfront property with excellent dock solutions, ShoreStation can provide a sectional dock that goes beyond the standard. Praklet’s Piers and Lifts carries ShoreStation because they are another brand that has stood the test of time through quality products and endless innovation.

Accessories Make the Dock

One reason that we at Praklet’s Piers and Lifts love ShoreStation sectional docks is because of their ability to easily include various accessories to make your lakefront experience even more enjoyable. Their patented “Quick-as-a-Click” connector allows for fast and easy accessory installation, without the need for tools. The connector works on a spring-loaded pin mechanism, which means you can also easily adjust your accessory’s height to move it where it is most comfortable for you. Dock bumpers, shore steps, benches, and more are all easier than ever to install and take apart each year when you choose ShoreStation sectional docks.

ShoreStation sectional docks are a great choice for any waterfront that needs options. For a dock that presents an attractive design through simple installation, consider ShoreStation.


Why Choose ShoreStation Sectional Docks

  • Long lasting, durable designs for little to no maintenance
  • Allows for easy additions of more dock sections, boat lifts, and more
  • Endless customization with different section, color, and accessory options
Why Choose ShoreStation Sectional Docks

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