Floating Docks from CanDock

If you are interested in a lightweight dock that doesn’t use conventional wood or metal for its primary materials, then a modular floating dock system from CanDock is the perfect choice. Made of high-quality plastic, the CanDock floating docks that Praklet’s Piers and Lifts LLC can offer to customers is guaranteed for 20 years, during which time there is no need for maintenance.

Because it is a modular system, CanDock offers waterfronts unlimited configurations, allowing you to adjust panels of the dock to fit your different recreational vehicles, dock accessories, and more. Composed of durable, high-density polyethylene resin with an anti-skid surface, you can safely enjoy your floating dock from CanDock for years to come, even when water has been splashed onto the surface. This means that your floating dock can be the perfect addition as a residential dock, work as a pier system, allow for access to boat lifts, and more.

With special mounting screws holding the floating blocks together, assembly of CanDock floating docks is fast and simple every time you get it ready to put in the water. This revolutionary design doesn’t sacrifice durability and support despite it’s easy to manage design, and that is why Praklet’s Piers and Lifts offers the floating dock from CanDock.

Why Choose CanDock

  • A unique, innovative floating dock system for waterfronts
  • Perfect for residential docks, commercial docks, and more
  • A long-lasting, durable floating dock design
Why Choose Candock

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