FLOE Docks from FLOE International

FLOE docks provide your shoreline with a versatile and durable aluminum dock that can meet all your needs. Specifically engineered to give every waterfront the stability and safety they desire with a dock, FLOE is a great option that is built to last and helps you to get on the water with ease year after year. And, because FLOE understands that no two lakefronts are the same, they offer three different kinds of docks so waterfronts can always get what the best dock for their purposes.

Praklet’s Piers and Lifts LLC carries FLOE International roll-in docks, sectional docks, and floating docks that can all be installed on waterfronts. Each has different features that benefit the waterfront where they are installed, and each also comes with different options to ensure that the owner is getting everything they need to allow their dock to best work for their needs.

Roll-In Docks

Roll in Docks from FLOE International provide a simple way to get a dock in the water without you needing to get in the water yourself. With a sturdy base that is reinforced by FLOE’s Double Braced Easy-Level support legs, a roll-in dock from FLOE is a safe and stable platform perfect for recreation. When the ice melts and you are ready to get your dock in the water, a FLOE roll-in dock from Praklet’s Piers and Lifts makes it easy.

Why Choose a Roll-In Dock

  • Makes installation of your dock quick and easy
  • Adjustments are made easy with a custom leveling system
  • Lasts longer thanks to a bridge-type truss design
Sectional Docks

FLOE sectional docks provide a simple but effective dock design that allows for easy assembly and breakdown without the need for tools. The sectional dock system, once legs are removed from each portion, are designed for easy and compact storage, making them perfect for any shoreline that has limited space. The Quick-Connect system makes connecting each section of the dock a simple process and allows for endless configurations.

Why Choose a Sectional Dock

  • Allows for compact storage during off-season
  • Makes for a stable dock, even in muddy waterfronts
  • Provides waterfronts with endless dock configurations
Floating Docks

Floating docks from FLOE International are sturdy docks with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and foam filled, molded floats underneath. Praklet’s Piers and Lifts offers FLOE floating docks because they use a track system to make floating modular dock configurations, while still allowing for other components such as hinges, guide poles, and more where they are needed. And, with a quick release hinge system, floating dock sections can easily be attached together, making setup and planning your layout a stress-free process.

Why Choose a Floating Dock

  • Stays above the water, even during heavy water fluctuation
  • Provides stability, even in lakes with a soft or muddy bottom
  • Gives an option to deep waters that can’t support other docks

Why Choose FLOE Docks

  • A variety of options to suit different waterfronts
  • Accessories allow for endless combinations
  • An innovative, easy to use docking system for different layouts
Why Choose FLOE Docks

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