Boat Lifts from FLOE International

Offering simple installation and removal, ease of use, and durable components, FLOE International boat lifts are a great option for those on a waterfront who want to get their boat more easily in and out of the water when they need. With the push of a button, FLOE International boat lifts can be raised or lowered, and the canopy, with their Quick-Clip attachment system, allows for a faster and easier installation of extra protection.

Each FLOE boat lift is made using custom aluminum components, which means they are all shaped specifically for the use of keeping your boat lift durable and strong. The innovative design of their lifts allows them to be used in both shallow and deep shorelines.

  • Options for any watercraft
  • Some of the fastest lifts on the market
  • Corrosion resistant and designed to last

Praklet’s Piers and Lifts

50557 M-152
Dowagiac, MI 49047

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Praklets Piers and Lifts